ChordAid is a chord dictionary and chord reference application for stringed instruments like guitar, ukulele, mandolin, banjo or bouzouki.

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The main screen of the ChordAid app showing a collection of chord shapes

Lots of Features

Check out what you can do with the app!

The screen for adding new chords, showing the different chord categories and types

Rich Chord Library

ChordAid supports more than forty-five chord types. Among them are both simple chords and complicated ones used in jazz music.

Suits Different Skill Levels

In addition to the usual chord shapes, ChordAid lets you choose among more difficult ones having two barres and big stretching between the fingers.

Highly Cusomizable

Supports left and right handed players!

Lots of Instruments and Tunings

You can choose among several instruments like guitar, bass guitar, ukulele, banjo, mandolin or bouzouki in standard or custom tunings!

Sample Chord Charts


Screen with sample guitar chord charts.


Screen with sample ukulele chord charts.


Screen with sample mandolin chord charts.


Screen with sample banjo chord charts.


The ChordAid icon

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