How do I reorder the chords in my chord list?

Simply drag and drop the rounded chord token inside the song entry field.

What does the yellow dot in the charts mean?

The yellow dot means that the corresponding note is the root of the chord, e.g. the C in a C major chord.

Why don't I see a fifth interval note in a seventh or ninth chord?

It is (harmonically) acceptable that the fifth of the chord is omitted in case it is perfect fifth. It also helps play such chords on instruments with five or less strings.

If you do not like this behaviour, you can select the 'Strict' preset in the Preferences panel or setup a custom chord preset in which it is not allowed to exclude these intervals.

I see too few chord shapes of some kind or none at all. What do I do?

You can try allowing more fingering possibilities from the toolbar.

Another option, particularly useful for instruments with 3 or 4 strings, is to enable all chord inversions from the Preferences panel. Note that for ukulele one of the default tunings has the fourth string tuned higher than all other strings and this may cause some confusion.

And eventually, it may not be possible to play a chord with 4 distinct notes (e.g. seventh with altered fifth) on an instrument with three strings. You can try the 'Leave out bass' chord preset in Preferences (Chord Presets) or setup a custom chord configuration.

I see too many chord shapes of some kind. What do I do?

One of the reasons to see many shapes is that in the 'Chord Presets' there are many intervals enabled for exclusion and two or three of them can be excluded at the same time.

Showing all inversions may result in lots of shapes too.

In order to limit the number, you can do a couple of things:

  • Set the maximum number of muted or open strings in the 'Preferences' page
  • Select different chord preset - the 'Strict' preset results in fewer shapes
  • Setup the custom chord preset, choosing not to exclude intervals and no tone repetition

How do I select a slash chord or chord in a non-root inversion?

You can select a note from the 'Bass' popup menu or you can use the keyboard and type in for example C/E in the 'Song chords' field.

How do I select chords for display?

You can select chords in two ways:

The first way is to select the chord root and nature from the tables on the left:

  • Select a root note, e.g. 'D'
  • Select the chord nature (the suffix), e.g. 'Sevenths', 'm7'
  • Click the '+' button or doubleclick on the nature(suffix) 'm7'

The chord will be added to the song chords list field under the tables.

The second way is to enter chords directly into the 'Song chords' field. As you begin to type the chord, an auto-completion list will popup.

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